The Straight Furrow, Look Ahead, and Constitution awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated sustained superior performance and exhibited the most exceptional leadership skills.

The Straight Furrow award
Mississippi Senator John C. Stennis said, “I want to plow a straight furrow right down to the end of my row.” The quote is a reference to Mississippi farmers who had to work hard and had to look forward in order to plow a straight line in the fields. It recognizes an enlisted person or officer who best demonstrates the values and principles of honor, courage, commitment, foresight, and integrity.

The Look Ahead award
The Look Ahead award comes from a motto Senator John C. Stennis used to remind himself of the importance of focusing on the future. It recognizes an outstanding petty officer.

The Constitution Award
Senator Stennis was a great admirer of the United States Constitution, having memorized the entire document while a law school student at the University of Virginia. Throughout his distinguished career as a judge and U.S. Senator, he celebrated the Constitution and the inspiration and determination of the leaders who created it. It recognizes an outstanding sailor.

2019 U.S.S. John C. Stennis Aircraft Carrier Leadership Awardees

LCDR Robert Morrison – 2019 Straight Furrow Award
ABCM James Ortiz – 2019 Look Ahead Award
IC1 Michael Ols – 2019 Constitution Award