Pictured above: 115th Stennis Fellows working in small groups at Synthesis Retreat, May 18-19, 2018, in West Virginia.
The Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows of the 115th Congress met in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on May 18-19, 2018, for their synthesis retreat to review the group’s findings from previous sessions addressing the overall theme of “Meeting the Legislative Branch Leadership Challenge in an Era of Mistrust, Disinformation and Miscommunication.”

Kelle Strickland, Chief of Staff to the House Sergeant at Arms, reports for her small group at 115th Congress Stennis Fellows retreat.

115th Stennis Fellows contemplate at Shepherdstown, West Virginia retreat.

Roscoe Jones, Legislative Director for Senator Diane Feinstein, reports for his group as his colleagues in the 115th Congress Stennis Fellows program listen.

115th Congress Stennis Fellows small group session in West Virginia Synthesis retreat.

Mike Andrews, Staff Director and Chief Council for the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

115th Stennis Fellows discussion in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.