Senior Stennis Fellows have completed the Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows Program. While some have moved to careers in the private sector or other government arenas, all remain committed to the institution of Congress where they have spent a significant portion of their careers and have made valuable contributions.

In concert with the overall goals of the John C. Stennis Center for Public Service, the Senior Stennis Fellows program seeks to promote congressional staff leadership and strengthen the ability of staff members to better serve the Congress and its Members. The Senior Stennis Fellows also want to expand public understanding of the role of Congress in our government and to continue to examine ways to improve the effectiveness of Congress as an institution of American democracy.

In particular, the Senior Stennis Fellows work to: Develop ongoing congressional staff development opportunities;

Provide a forum for the discussion of issues (external and internal) that impact the effectiveness of the Congress;

Act as a resource for Congressional leaders, Members, staff, the press and general public on the role and operation of the Congress;

Expand the network of individuals and organizations who are concerned with the long-term effectiveness of Congress;

Senior Stennis Fellows also provide leadership for the Emerging Congressional Staff Leadership program. In addition, Senior Stennis Fellows play a key role in recommending congressional staff for both the Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows program and the Emerging Leaders program and serve as selection committee members for both programs.