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Public Service Review: Winter 2023

As the U.S. embarks on the beginning of a presidential election year, common ground may often appear difficult to find. While polarization may seem like an insurmountable plague, authors of the Winter 2023 edition of Public Service Review are seeking a cure. Through education, action, and even a simple change of perspective, they provide the reader with the tools needed to seek unity.

In part two of an interview conducted by Kennedy Guest, Ronny Frith, 46-year attorney and committee counsel to the Mississippi House of Representatives, dives into Mississippi’s historic Reeves v. Gunn case, explaining the past and present of the opinions on the case from both sides of the aisle. Yama Sekandar highlights the importance of knowledge as well while discussing his pursuit of a career in public service as an immigrant. Nirmal Bhatt shares his similar experience and calls for change to create equity between U.S. citizens.

Additionally, Violet Barnett and Alison Blee share their experiences as Congressional interns and their common lessons learned during their service. Both provide a glimpse of the ever-present division of today’s culture as well as the power of listening to an opposing opinion.

In an interview with former members of the U.S. House of Representatives Kathy Dahlkemper and Erik Paulsen, Madison Suhr gains insight into both the challenges and joys of the representatives’ time in office. Congressional intern Morgan Kogan also shares the challenges she faced on the Hill, comparing the rush of activity to that of playing a game of rugby.

Making the Public Service Review’s second state capitol cover feature, Kamden Bryan interviews Oklahoma State Senator Carri Hicks. Senator Hicks discusses her unique position as a female in Oklahoma’s minority party as well as her work to bridge divides between her rural and urban constituents. The cover of this issue features Oklahoma’s state capitol building in gratitude to Kamden and Senator Hicks for sharing their work and experience.

The authors of Public Service Review Winter 2023 share a refreshing message of the need for unity and service to all. While conflict is seen everywhere, these contributors provide hope for a future marked by common action rather than fierce tension. They provide readers the encouragement needed to do less arguing and more listening, learning, and walking in another’s shoes.

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