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Public Service Review

Public Service Review

Public Service Review is a publication of the Stennis Center for Public Service, a bipartisan legislative branch agency created by Congress in 1988 to promote and strengthen the highest ideals of public service in America.

One of the Stennis Center’s specific duties outlined by Congress is to “foster a sense of civic responsibility among the youth of the United States,” which is straight from the Stennis Center’s enabling legislation (P.L. 100-458—Oct. 1, 1988; Subtitle B). Public Service Review is the latest effort to do just that – attract young people to public service – through young voices for service.

Public Service Review is a journal dedicated to the publication and dissemination of young people’s reflections and experiences in the public service sector through professional or volunteer opportunities. The purpose of this journal is to acknowledge and influence the important and substantive work carried out by young people in local, state, and federal government entities, universities and colleges, and nonprofit organizations across the United States.

Public Service Review is published quarterly and distributed to members of Congress, universities and colleges, and public servants in local, state, and federal government entities across the United States.


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