The Stennis Center for Public Service regularly conducts Civil-Military Leadership Dialogue and Discussion Programs, which bring together top leaders from the military and Congress.

Military participants have included the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chief of Naval Operations, the Secretary of the Navy, and many Flag Officers. Forty+ U.S. Senators and Representatives, cabinet secretaries, and distinguished writers have been program participants throughout the years, along with more than 100+ senior-level congressional staff members, including several chiefs of staff and committee staff directors.

First-term Senators and House Members have participated in Stennis Center for Public Service programs that connect them to military leaders and enable them to learn more about military life, values, institutions, and culture. These programs have provided meaningful opportunities for military and civilian leaders to engage in dialogue and build relationships that increase awareness and understanding between the military and civilian spheres of responsibility. At a point when relatively few of our civilian leaders have had military experience, it is essential to create opportunities for interaction that will aid civilian leaders in their policy-making duties. Likewise, it is vital for military leaders to develop a better understanding of the policy-making process. Feedback from participants confirms that these programs have strengthened the leadership capacity of both civilian and military leaders, benefiting national security leadership overall.

Response to the programs continues to be strong from both military and civilian leaders. The Stennis Center will continue to emphasize leadership development opportunities for military and civilian decision-makers.