Download the Bradley E. Johanson Scholarship Program Application
Application Deadline: April 15, 2020

unnamedRenamed in 2011, the USS JOHN C. STENNIS Family Scholarship became the Bradley E. Johanson Scholarship Program for USS JOHN C. STENNIS Families. This scholarship program, which supports the educational advancement of spouses and children of USS JOHN C. STENNIS crew members, was named to honor the life and legacy of Bradley E. Johanson. His integrity, commitment to duty, perseverance through adversity, and compassionate leadership are public service qualities sought in those who will be awarded scholarships through this program.

Bradley E. Johanson served as the sixth commanding officer of the USS JOHN C. STENNIS from May 5, 2006, until September 18, 2008. His retirement capped a distinguished career in the United States Navy, spanning more than 30 years. A hallmark of his leadership on the USS JOHN C. STENNIS was his care and concern not only for crew members but for their families as well. Captain Johanson was a strong advocate of continuing education, establishing “Stennis University” onboard the ship and constantly encouraging crew members and their families to “Look Ahead” by gaining an education that would prepare them for future challenges and opportunities.



  • Applicants must be the child or spouse of a current or former USS JOHN C. STENNIS crewmember.
  • Applicants must be a graduating high school senior or a high school graduate.
  • Applicants must have applied to an accredited two-year or four-year institution for undergraduate study in a course of instruction leading to a degree.
  • Applicants must have participated in a community service activity.
  • Applicants must not have received the Bradley E. Johanson Scholarship for USS JOHN C. STENNIS Families in the previous year.


  • Current USS JOHN C. STENNIS Crewmember: Any enlisted person/officer presently serving as part of the USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74) company for at least 90 consecutive days.
  • Former USS JOHN C. STENNIS Crewmember: Any enlisted person/officer who served on active duty as part of the USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74) company for at least 90 consecutive days. The former crewmember must be currently on active duty, be retired from active duty, or have died while on active duty.
  • Current and Former Crewmembers do not include personnel assigned to embarked staffs, air wings, squadrons, or other independent groups of personnel.


  • All applications are evaluated by an independent selection committee convened by the Stennis Center for Public Service.
  • Applicants will not be penalized for alternative forms of education such as home-schooling.
  • The applicant’s race, gender, ethnicity, religion, creed, political affiliation, and financial status will not be considered in the selection process. Marital status will only be needed to prove eligibility.
  • The recipient(s) will be selected based on academic record, personal achievement, community service, and commitment to public service.


2019 Scholarship Recipients
Katelyn D. Adkins of Newark, Ohio
Robyn M. Cadell of Kingston, Washington
Katie Mitchell of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Katherine E. Mueck of Fairfax Station, Virginia

2018 Scholarship Recipients
Haley Aker of San Diego, California
Kenneth Armijo of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Patrick Byrne of Suffolk, Virginia
Evan Dominguez of Pensacola, Florida
Levi Handyside of Belfair, Washington

2017 Scholarship Recipients
Samantha Anderson of Bremerton, Washington
Michael Eckert of Poulsbo, Washington
Hayley Klingenberg of Coronado, California
Heather Hinkel of Emmaus, Pennsylvania

2016 Scholarship Recipients
Trevor L. Handyside of Belfair, Washington
Keely Morgan of Vista, California

2015 Scholarship Recipients
Lindsey Bellotti of Springboro, OH
Tanner Dominquez of Pensacola, Florida
Sarah Hitchcock of Virginia Beach, Virginia
Samuel Nick of  San Diego, California

2014 Scholarship Recipients
Kristina C. Winfield of Oak Harbor, Washington
Melissa G. Hayes of Spanaway, Washington
Neva F. Garcia of Bremerton, Washington

2013 Scholarship Recipient
Katherine Hitchcock of Virginia Beach, Virginia

2012 Scholarship Recipients
Emily Linniman of New Bremen, Ohio
Cassie Scott of Coronado, California
Epiphany Nick of Bremerton, Washington
Kaitlyn Hayes of Spanaway, Washington

2011 Scholarship Recipients
Nicole Graham of Silverdale, Washington
Marissa Gray of Brighton, Tennessee
Trista Smith of Port Orchard, Washington

2010 Scholarship Recipients
Sarah McGregory of Belfair, Washington
Michael Owen of Bremerton, Washington

2009 Scholarship Recipients
Erin Walker of Bremerton, Washington
Aimee Gray of Bremerton, Washington

2008 Scholarship Recipient
Kirsten Costello of Bristow, Virginia

2007 Scholarship Recipients
Amanda Ellis of Gulf Breeze, Florida
Lakendra Hinds of San Diego, California
Elizabeth Jones of Gulf Breeze, Florida
Heather Nelson of Bremerton, Washington
Elizabeth Wallace of Missoula, Montana

2006 Scholarship Recipients
Kimberly Harris of San Diego, California
Sean Donegan of Norfolk, Virginia

2005 Scholarship Recipients
Kathryn Jones of Gulf Breeze, Florida
Ronald Bledsoe of Bremerton, Washington
Jennifer Fowler of Silverdale, Washington

2004 Scholarship Recipients
Patricia Jones of Gulf Breeze, Florida
Melissa Hernandez of Chula Vista, California

2003 Scholarship Recipients
Brittany Harvey of Spring Valley, California
Mun Sum Segura of Coronado, California

2002 Scholarship Recipients
Carol Lee of San Diego, California
Christi Jones of Santee, California