116th Congress Stennis Emerging Congressional Staff Leaders Program Application

Emerging Congressional Staff Leaders Program

To fulfill its mandate to provide training opportunities for congressional staff, the Stennis Center and the Senior Stennis Fellows created the Emerging Congressional Staff Leaders program in 2000. The Emerging Leaders program is a mentoring program whose purpose is to provide personal encouragement and guidance from veteran congressional staff to younger staff who have demonstrated significant leadership potential during the early stages of their careers on Capitol Hill. To date, more than 100 young staffers have participated in the Emerging Leaders program. Many continue to serve on congressional staff, and several have become Stennis Fellows.

The Emerging Leaders program reflects the desire of Senior Stennis Fellows to help develop newer staff members who demonstrate a commitment to a career on Capitol Hill. Through a combination of one-on-one mentoring and group discussions, the program nurtures leadership skills and fosters a commitment to public service among congressional staff.

Emerging Leaders pair with Senior Stennis Fellows who serve as mentors. Mentors and Emerging Leaders meet over several months to learn how to be more effective in their jobs. Together they discuss legislative procedures used on the U.S. House and Senator floors, the nexus between policies and politics, and how to help their Members achieve legislative goals. The mentors also provide advice on career advancement on Capitol Hill. The program also connects the Emerging Leaders in a network not only to each other and across party lines and chambers, but also to the Senior Stennis Fellows.

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