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Congressional Programs

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Connecting Congressional Staff Leaders

Congressional staff training and development is one of the Stennis Center for Public Service’s focal points. The core of this effort is a unique bipartisan, bicameral training and development program for senior-level staff, known as the Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows Program. Since the program’s inception in the 103rd Congress, programmatic activities have expanded to include a mentoring program for junior staff, known as the Emerging Congressional Staff Leaders Program, and a program for interns on Capitol Hill, known as Stennis Program for Congressional Interns. The Stennis Center also conducts programs that connect congressional staffers and members of Congress with military leaders, in addition to various other learning opportunities presented to congressional staffers each Congress. 

Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows

The Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows Program is a practical, bipartisan leadership development experience for senior-level staff of the U.S. Congress. The program focuses on future challenges to Congress as an institution of American democracy and the leadership role played by senior congressional staff in meeting those challenges. In each Congress, up to 32 Stennis Fellows are selected by an independent panel. Each cohort is balanced by party and chamber. Stennis Fellows meet periodically over a 15-18 month period, with times and locations selected to accommodate the schedule and time demands of the Fellows. 

Emerging Congressional Staff Leaders Program

The Emerging Congressional Staff Leaders Program matches exceptional congressional staff with 2-5 years of experience with senior congressional staff leaders who demonstrate high potential. In addition to the benefit of mentorship relationships, which expands through a two-year Congress, mentees participate in a series of seminars and dialogues that provide valuable insight into Congress and enable them to build relationships. 

Stennis Program for Congressional Interns

This competitive, bipartisan, bicameral program is designed to provide interns in congressional offices with a unique opportunity to understand the operation of Congress better and appreciate its institutional role in our democracy. Since 2003, more than 600 interns have participated. They meet with senior congressional staff and other interns from across the country in a series of weekly discussion sessions that explore various aspects of Congress. 

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