MichiganphotoActivities for the Schedule

Schools applying to host a visit by Members will be required to submit a tentative proposed schedule that includes as many as possible of the following types of activities, indicating where applicable the expected student attendance at each.

Introductory classes in political science or U. S. government [Please try to avoid multiple appearances in different sections of the same course.]

Advanced classes in political science or U. S. government, including courses in the Congress, political theory or foreign affairs

Classes in political philosophy or history*

Classes in other disciplines [e.g., health, science, engineering, environment] for students who may be interested in public service careers or who simply need a better grounding in American government*

ROTC classes

One-on-one or “office hours” style meetings with individual students interested in public service or political careers [To work well, this option needs to be well publicized, preferably with advance sign-up.]

Campus political clubs, e.g., Campus Democrats and Young Republicans

Campus extracurricular activities or clubs with some public policy dimension, e.g., an environmental or international relations club

Campus speaker series or open campus forum [Please be prepared to do some work to publicize such a session, or give class credit, or risk low attendance.]

Meeting with student government organization or leadership

Meetings with school president, chancellor, dean or other senior administrator [This option is offered if it meets a real need for your school; there is no need for a meeting just for protocol reasons; if included, should be brief.]

Meeting with career counseling staff regarding public service

Faculty departmental colloquium

Interview with campus newspaper(s) and radio station

Interview with local newspaper(s) and editorial board(s)

Interview or talk show appearance with local radio station(s)

Interview or talk show appearance with local TV station(s)

Meeting with community service organization(s), e.g., Rotary, Lions, League of Women Voters

Community talk or forum, e.g., “town hall” type meeting at a public library

Class visits or assembly at local high school

Major federal government installation or major private sector employer near campus able to host a session with a significant number of employees

Meeting with local government officials, e.g., appearance at City Council or County Board session or meet with state legislators

*At least one class should be in a discipline other than political science or government studies.

While it is not possible to include all the activities suggested above, the schedule for each visit should include a good variety of activities and not be limited only to classes. Please include at least one class from outside the political science (or government studies) department. Visits typically cover 2 full days following Members arrival, with no more than two nights on site. If Members arrive the evening before the schedule begins, they will expect to depart in time to get home the evening of the second day of scheduled events.