Welcome to the nomination process for the 116th Congress Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows Program. For your convenience, the nomination form is completed and submitted online. Your answers are confidential and will be shared only with the members of the independent selection committee. For more information on the Stennis Fellows program, please view our brochure here.

Please note that by entering the name of the nominating Member of Congress you are certifying to us that the Member is nominating you for this fellowship. Each Member of Congress may nominate one staff leader for the Fellows Program. Chairmen and Ranking Members of committees may make an additional nomination in that role.

The nomination form includes three short essay questions. Prepare your answers in a separate document and upload the document to the online nomination form.

The independent selection committee carefully reviews each nomination, with particular attention to your short essay answers and your career profile or resume. In the selection of the 28 to 32 Fellows for the 116th Congress, the independent selection committee also considers factors such as balanced representation from each political party and chamber, diversity, and overall benefits to the Fellows program.

The deadline for receipt of the nomination form is Tuesday, March 12, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact:
• Rex Buffington, rex@stennis.gov, 662-325-8409 (office), 662-617-1060 (cell)
• Eric Jones, eric@stennis.gov, 202-546-1837 (office)
• Janet McKell, janet@stennis.gov, 662-325-8409 (office)
• Jessica Shappley, jessica@stennis.gov, 662-325-8409 (office)



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Please supply the following information, which is confidential and reviewed only by the internal selection committee. The committee makes its decision based to a large extent on the information provided in the career profile and thoughtful responses to the short essay questions.

Career Profile
Please submit a resume that includes the following information:
• Employment history in Congress, including position or job title and dates of service,
• Other professional experience,
• Education, including degrees received, school or other organization, and dates,
• Additional information such as honors, awards, professional memberships, civic activity, etc.

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Short Essay Questions
Please answer the following questions in one document and upload your answers below.
1. In a few sentences, what attracted you to public service? What do you find most rewarding about your work in the Congress?

2. The theme for the 116th Congress Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows will be “For the Common Good: Preparing Congress to Lead in the Next Decade.” Reflecting on the overall purpose of the program and the theme, briefly describe your interest in the Fellows program.

3. Please suggest two or three issues or questions related to the theme that would be useful for the 116th Congress Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows to examine together.

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