Bill Alexander

Bill AlexanderDuring his 24 years in the U.S. House (1969-1993), Congressman Bill Alexander rose in seniority to serve as Chief Deputy Majority Whip -- one of the top policy leadership positions on Capitol Hill.

Elected to serve Arkansas’s  1st Congressional District, Congressman Alexander now combines his extensive experience in business, law and politics in representing clients in State and Federal Courts, before Congress, Executive Agencies, and foreign countries.

Congressman Alexander's expertise concerning the Appropriations Committee permits him to assist his clients in this process. As a Member of Congress, he authored the Guaranteed Commercial Operating Loan Program for agribusinesses, farmers and ranchers. Congressman Alexander was also the chief sponsor of the legislation that created the National River Academy and the Mid-South Energy Project. More than $30 billion in economic development resulted from his Congressional initiatives.

Congressman Alexander also has extensive experience on international trade matters. He founded the House Export Task Force, co-sponsored legislation to create the Foreign Commercial Service in US Embassies, and established agricultural export trade offices in 23 foreign countries. Congressman Alexander also sponsored the legislation that created the Mississippi Valley Trade Center -- resulting in hundreds of millions of trade dollars for US-related products.

As Chief Deputy Majority Whip and member of the Foreign Operations Subcommittee, Congressman Alexander was selected for numerous special assignments in foreign countries. He served as a US Envoy to Cuba and negotiating the US-Cuba Agenda with Fidel Castro. He also served as a US Negotiator at the US-Japan Rice Summit, a US Emissary to the People's Republic of China, a US Emissary to Nicaragua, Confidential Liaison to the Vietnamese Government for the Clinton-Gore 1992 Transition Team. He was appointed to the NAFTA and Beyond Commission by President Clinton and continues his interest in foreign affairs as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

Congressman Alexander earned his B.A. degree from Rhodes College and his J.D. degree from Vanderbilt University Law School. Prior to entering Congress, he served in as a Law Clerk to Chief Judge Marion S. Boyd (W.D.-Tenn), an associate in the firm of Montedonico, Boone, Gilliland, Heiskell & Loch (Memphis, Tenn.) and a partner in the firm of Swift & Alexander (Osceola, Arkansas). Congressman Alexander is also a U.S. Army veteran. He is married and has three children. Member: Rotary International; National Eagle Scouts Association; Sons of the American Revolution; Izaak Walton League.