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Leadership Award Programs - USS JOHN C. STENNIS Leadership Award Winners

The Look Ahead and Straight Furrow awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated sustained superior performance and exhibited the most exceptional leadership skills.

The Straight Furrow award is named after a quote by ship namesake, Mississippi Senator John C. Stennis, who said, "I want to plow a straight furrow right down to the end of my row". The quote is a reference to Mississippi farmers who had to work hard and keep looking forward in order to plow a straight line in the fields. It recognizes an enlisted person or officer who best demonstrates the values and principles of honor, courage, commitment, foresight and integrity.

The Look Ahead award is derived from a motto Senator John C. Stennis used to remind himself of the importance of focusing on the future.


CDR James Belmont - 2014 Straight Furrow Award
ISCS Kevin Lohrke - 2014 Look Ahead Award
HM1 Jerry Wagner - 2014 Constitution Award

CDR Nonito Blas- 2013 Straight Furrow Award
MACS (SW/AW) Bela Radvanyi- 2013 Look Ahead Award
HM1 Aida Santell- 2013 Constitution Award

LCDR Edward Jaso- 2012 Straight Furrow Award
CSCS Stephen Boos- 2012 Look Ahead Award
MM1 William Shears- 2012 Constitution Award

CDR James Hawkins- 2011 Straight Furrow Award
DCCS (SW/AQ) Steven Quick- 2011 Look Ahead Award
PS1 (SW/AW) Marianogerard Zamora-2011 Constitution Award

CDR Matt Feehan - 2010 Straight Furrow Award
Senior Chief Operations Specialist (SW/AW) Steve Faltysek - 2010 Look Ahead Award

CDR Dennis Warren - 2009 Straight Furrow Award
QMCS William Laver - 2009 Look Ahead Award

CDR Timothy Pfannenstein - 2008 Straight Furrow Award
Sr. Chief Petty Officer Paul E. Tuck, Jr. - 2008 Look Ahead Award

CDR Scott Robertson - 2007 Straight Furrow Award
Senior Chief Yeoman (SW/AW) Sean Lawler - 2007 Look Ahead Award

CDR Pete Hall - 2006 Look Ahead Award
PSCS (SW/AW) Roy Mobley - 2006 Straight Furrow Award

MMCS (SW/AW) David W. Wisniewski - 2005 Look Ahead Award
CDR Paul Jason Verrastro - 2005 Straight Furrow Award
AT1 Dewayne Irvin - 2005 Sailor of the Year
YN3 Kamurai Dembure - 2005 Junior Sailor of the Year

MMCS (AW/SW) Daniel Patrick Shinners - 2004 Look Ahead Award
LCDR E.D. White - 2004 Straight Furrow Award
HM1 (SW/SW) Lennis Darrin McNutt - 2004 Sailor of the Year
SK3 (AW/SW) Bo Douglas Wid - 2004 Junior Sailor of the Year

ATC (AW/SW) Ed Fink - 2003 Look Ahead Award
CDR Fred Melnick - 2003 Straight Furrow Award
PC1 David Levu - 2003 Sailor of the Year
PN3 Erica Thorton - 2003 Junior Sailor of the Year

ASCS (AW/SW) Angel Afan - 2002 Look Ahead Award
CDR Gordon Rutherford - 2002 Straight Furrow Award
MM1 Phillip L. Dennis - 2002 Sailor of the Year
PN3 Pedro Gutierrez - 2002 Junior Sailor of the Year

MMCS Vincent Murray - 2001 Look Ahead Award
CDR Victor Warriner - 2001 Straight Furrow Award
MM1 (SW/AW) Carl G. Evans - 2001 Sailor of the Year
DT3 (SW/AW) Stephanie Fawcett - 2001 Junior Sailor of the Year

BMCS Ramon Velasco - 2000 Look Ahead Award
CDR Timothy Holland - 2000 Straight Furrow Award
AO1 (AW/SW) Michael Klaphake - 2000 Sailor of the Year
BM3 (SW/AW) Mark Esposito - 2000 Junior Sailor of the Year

BMC Vincent Fenty - 1999 Look Ahead Award
CDR Mike Plunkett - 1999 Straight Furrow Award
BM1 Carl Shiver, Jr. - 1999 Sailor of the Year
Petty Officer Kirk Wieder - 1999 Junior Sailor of the Year

AOCM Dennis Costa - 1998 Look Ahead Award
CDR Chris Powers - 1998 Straight Furrow Award
CTO1 William Lee Beitz - 1998 Sailor of the Year
DC2 Carol Roquet - 1998 Junior Sailor of the Year

ATCS Frank Kadi - 1997 Look Ahead Award
CDR Perry Driver
- 1997 Straight Furrow Award

CDR Chuck Jefferson - 1996 Straight Furrow Award

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